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Conference Venue
The conference will be held at the Lecture hall no. 136 / Seminar rooms on the ground floor of the building of Centre of Polymer Systems, a research unit of the Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

Tomas Bata University in Zlín
Centre of Polymer Systems
Trida Tomase Bati 5678
760 01 Zlín

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The Centre of Polymer Systems is located close to the bus/trolleybus stop Poliklinika (lines 1,2,3,6,10,11,12,34,35,36,38,53,70) or right under the bus/trolleybus stop Antonínova (lines 11,12,34,35,36). 

Call for Direction
In case you have problems finding the Conference venue, please call +420 57 603 8038.




Centre of Polymer Systems Profile

Tomas Bata University in Zlín obtained the largest grant in its history, to be invested to the benefit of polymer industry. The Centre of Polymer Systems, a research unit at the top level both as regards its equipment and its research activities, is located in Zlín, the regional capital of the Zlín Region.

Research programmes
R&D activities carried out in the CPS comprise the following two research programmes subdivided into research specializations:
Processing of plastics
• Bioactive polymer systems
• Surface treatment of materials
• Rubber processing and materials
Advanced polymer composite systems
• Systems with sensoric properties
• Multifunctional nanomaterials
• Composites with electric and magnetic properties
• Biocomposite systems

Both research programmes implemented in the Centre of Polymer Systems have a common base as regards the material - macromolecular substances, with specific knowledge forming the basics of both programmes. The shared knowledge base is in close connection to shared technological facilities, methodological procedures and contributions by specialists from various or related sections.

Approximately one hundred employees will work in the Centre of Polymer Systems; in 2020 the number of employees will reach more than 150 people both from the Czech Republic and from abroad. These have been and will be selected according to excellence in their areas of expertise and include talented students in PhD and follow-up Master’s programmes. The staff working in the Centre will involve experts in polymer processes, materials, natural sciences, biology, industrial design, process management, economic analyses, etc.

Research premises
Due to the financial grant received, Tomas Bata University in Zlín has built modern research premises situated in the centre of Zlín, thus making one of the brownfield sites disappear. The building houses a four-storey laboratory and a three-storey administrative section. The overall cost of the investment part of the project has amounted to CZK 620 million, including top-level laboratory equipment, which will be used not only for conducting basic research, but in particular for the purposes of applied and contract research.

The Centre of Polymer Systems has set out the strategy for the Centre’s successful running and development in five points, which form a pyramid. The base of the pyramid is formed by a successful specification of spheres with high R&D potential and with a good perspective. This base is in close connection with three cornerstones: Top-level R&D staff working in excellent conditions (high-quality infrastructure) and young talented people. These are the advantages which we would like to offer you – to our potential colleagues, collaborators and clients – because you, your satisfaction and cooperation of mutual benefit are the top of pyramid for us and our goal.

The Centre of Polymer Systems is a research unit which offers you a wide variety of collaboration options, no matter whether you are an R&D institution, a private company or a physical entity. You can select from the options mentioned below, which are, however, not limited. We will be pleased to discuss with you any ideas you may have in the field of polymers.
Spheres of cooperation:
• Contract research carried out according to your requirements
• Implementation of joint R&D and innovation projects
• Dealing with practical, technical and technological issues
• Carrying out of analyses and specialized studies
• Optimization of technological processes
• Advisory and counselling services
• Use of modern machines and devices
• Technology transfer
• Exchange of experience and knowledge through specialized seminars, workshops and conferences
• Organization of professional trainings
• Organization of specialized internships, traineeships