Blue Flower

Day 1

Social Dinner

Payment:      EUR 20 will be collected at the Registration Desk on November 15, 2016 between 8.30 and 9.00

         Payment will be collected in EUROS and it will be appreciated if participants can provide the exact amount. Together with receipt, participants will be given a dinner voucher.

Date:               November 15, 2016
Time:              19 hours
Place:             Koliba u Černého Medvěda restaurant  (Black Bear Challet, the traditional local restaurant)
Location:        Koliba U černého medvěda
                         U zimního stadionu 4092, Zlín
                         Loc: 49°12´58.08"N, 17°39´26.92"E

Programme:   Welcome Drink
                         Opening Violin concert performed by members of the Zlin Philharmonic Orchestra
                         Buffet Dinner - the menu composition will offer a wide variety of local and international specialities

Transport:       A VW Multivan shuttle has been arranged to take participants from CPS to the Black Bear Challet. It will seat 6 passengers per 1 trip and will operate approx. every 15minutes. 
Currently, it is planned that the first shuttle will leave from CPS at 17.55hrs. However, timing can alter depending on actual duration of the workshop programme and discussions.


Day 2


Zlin skyscraper and Shoe Museum Tour

Payment:      CZK 149,-/EUR 6,- will be collected at the Registration Desk on November 15.
                      The amount can be paid both in CZK and EUROS. However, when paying in EUR, we will appreciate exact amount. Thank you.

Address:      Bata's Skyscraper  
                      Tř. Tomáše Bati 21,  Zlín
and               14/15 Bata Institute
                      Vavrečkova 7040

Transport:    10 minute walk from the CPS building. No transport required.

              Historical tour  of the functionalist Scyscraper completed in 1938 and the movable office of T. Bata located in the lift, and of the Museum related to the phenomenon of Tomas Bata   called the Shoemaker to the world, introducing history of shoe production and industrial development in the Region and many other insteresting areas related to local culture.

Language:   Tour will be performed by a guide in English.

The times of the Tour can be slightly shifted. Final timing and duration will depend on the number of participants as well as workshop programme duration.

For more information about the Zlín region you can download Zlin tourist guide here.


Please note that November 17, 2016, is Bank Holiday in this country. On this day, offices are closed.