Blue Flower

1st Day - 15 November 2016

Assoc. Prof. Radostina Alexandrova (Institute of Experimental Morphology, Pathology and Anthropology with Museum - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria): “Challenges not only for beginners or what we have learned from COST Action MP1301”

Radostina Alexandrova


Prof. Yannis Missirlis (University of Patras, Greece): “Biomaterials'elicited messages influnce epigenetics”

Yannis Missirlis


Prof. Jaroslav Cihlář (CEITEC, Brno, Czech Republic): “Structurally and functionally graded biocomposites and scaffolds based on Ca‐phosphates for bone tissue engineering”

Jaroslav Cihlar


2nd Day – 16 November 2016

Prof. Martijn van Griensven (Experimental Trauma Surgery, Technical University of Munich, Germany): “(Pre‐)clinical bone engineering also taking co‐morbidities into account”

Martijn van Griensven      


Dr. Stefan Scheiner (Vienna University of Technology, Austria): “Stiffness and strength prediction for a hydroxyapatite‐based biomaterial, considering bone regeneration”

Stephan Scheiner