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The preliminary schedule for Newgen Zlín Workshop and WG meeting:

1st Day - 15 November 2016, Tuesday

08.30‐09.00: Registration of the participants in the Workshop
09.00‐09.05: Welcome from Rector, TBU in Zlin (Prof. Petr Sáha)
09.05‐09.30: Welcome from the MP‐1301_COST Action coordinator (Dr. Francis Cambier)
09.30‐10.00: Invited Talk (Assoc. Prof. Radostina Alexandrova, Bulgaria) “Challenges not only for beginners or what we have learned from COST Action MP1301”

10.00‐10.30: Coffee break and POSTER Session

10.30‐11.00: Invited Talk (Prof.Yannis Missirlis, Greece) “Biomaterials'elicited messages influnce epigenetics”

11.00‐12.00: Technical Session

11.00‐11.20: David C Bassett (Norway) “Control of gelling kinetics in ionotropic polymers applied to 3D cell friendly encapsulation”
11.20‐11.40: Haijun Xiao (Czech Republic) “Effects of X‐shaped Reduction‐sensitive Amphiphilic Block Copolymer on Drug Delivery”
11.40‐12.00: Smarak Bandopadhyay (Czech Republic) “Bacterial Cellulose” from Apple Juice Medium: A Sustainable Raw Material for Hydrogel”
12.00‐12.15: NEWGEN Summer School in Greece in 2017 (Prof. Yannis Missirlis, Greece)

12.30‐13.30: Lunch
13.30‐14.00: CPS laboratory visit

14.00‐14.30: Plenary Talk (Prof. Jaroslav Cihlar, Brno, Czech Republic) “Structurally and functionally graded biocomposites and scaffolds based on Ca‐phosphates for bone tissue engineering”
14.00‐15.00: Technical Session
14.00‐14.20: Karine Salim (France) “Synthetic copolymers for biomedical needs: from resorbable to permanent biomaterials”
14.20‐14.40: Antonio Di Martino (Czech Republic) “Chitosan : A Versatile tool for Drug and Gene delivery”
14.40‐15.00: Probal Basu (Czech Republic) “Functional Significance of three dimensional hydrogel scaffold in bone tissue engineering”

15.00‐15:40: Coffee break and POSTER Session [Technical Poster Session]

15.40‐16.20: Technical Session
15.40‐16‐00: Bojana Obradovic (Serbia) “Utilization of biomimetic bioreactors for biomaterial evaluation:
gellan‐gum hydrogels with nano‐particulate bioactive‐glass”
16.00‐16‐20: Alena Pavelkova (Czech Republic): “Poly(lactic acid‐co‐acrylic acid)‐g‐chitosan based
nanoparticles for controlled release applications”
16.20‐17.00: Working Group meeting (WG‐1,WG‐2, WG‐3and WG‐4)
17.00‐19.00: End of 1st day [Resting period]

19.00: Workshop Dinner

2nd Day – 16 November 2016, Wednesday

08.30‐09.00 : Registration of the participants in the Workshop
09.00‐ 09.30: Invited Talk (Prof. Martijn van Griensven, Germany) “(pre‐)clinical bone engineering also taking co‐morbidities into account”
09.30‐10.00: Invited Talk (Dr. Stefan Scheiner, Austria) “Stiffness and strength prediction for a hydroxyapatite‐based biomaterial, considering bone regeneration”

10.00‐10.30: Coffee break and POSTER Session

10.30‐11.30: Technical Session

10.30‐10.50: Silvia Ramirez (France) “Chitosan physical hydrogels mineralized by calcium phosphates”
10.50‐11.10: Katerina Filatova (Czech Republic) “Polymer‐coated SILICA particles for controlled drug delivery”
11.10‐11.30: Ayan Ray (Czech Republic) “Biomineralized magnetic hydrogel: an application towards biomedicine”
11.30‐11.45: NEWGEN meeting in Vienna in 2017 (Dr. Stefan Scheiner, Austria)
11.45‐12.00: Vote of Thanks (Assoc. Prof. Vladimír Sedlařík)

12.30‐13.30: Lunch

13.30‐15:30: Visit of Bata Museum and Skyscraper (21) Building

15.30h: End of 2nd day